Turnado NKS Ready


NKS Support

Turnado now supports Native's NKS standard, providing an easy integration with Komplete Kontrol and Maschine. Have quick access to Turnado’s main controls via the NKS assignment pages and search the presets by various tags and categories. This will speed up the producers workflow while browsing through libraries and help you keep your eyes off the computer screen.

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Textural Synthesizer

Aparillo is an advanced 16-voice FM synthesizer, tailored for majestic sonic motions. A clever arrangement of synthesis, wave shaping, filtering, FX and modulation unfolds into a serious sound design tool for epic sonic creation. Make sure to check out the Orbiter, a mass-controller for immediate, instant blockbuster sounding themes.

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Update 1.5 released

New features in version 1.5 bring polyrhythm to all sequencer engines, 6 powerful modulation sources for the filter, scales to the bass section and monophonic mode in the slicer. Additional content: presets, slicer samples in folder “Modular“ and a new drumkit: “Cweijman S1“.

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Soft Synth of the Year

The press loves our modular synth Factory: “Soft Synth of the Year” from computer music and “Editor’s Choice 2016” by Professional Audio Magazine. Thanks! Strongly influenced by a modular philosophy, Factory experiments with oscillators, microloops and noise. Everything starts with a simple set of tools and the sound develops into something highly organic and natural – an electronic garden. Factory is the poly-synth from Sugar Bytes. The one with the matrix.

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