Cyclop for iPad

Cutting-Edge Mono Synth for low-frequency connoisseurs

Cyclop for iPad is our fully featured port of the desktop version. Its unparalleled connectivity options, complete integration with the desktop app and the flexible internal modulation system make it a fine addition to any mobile producer's arsenal.

Key Features

  • Monophonic Bass Synthesizer
  • 6x2 Synthesizer Engines
  • 10x2 Filter Engines
  • Music Library Access (Grain Samples)
  • Virtual, Network & External MIDI
  • Wobble Generator
  • Audio Unit v3, Standalone
  • Ableton Link

Wire up your gear

Full MIDI Support and preset compatibility with the desktop app

The iPad version of Cyclop accepts regular MIDI (external, network and internal) for both notes and control options; there is a MIDI Learn feature built in. If you are using a MIDI keyboard with some control options, you can assign any of Cyclop’s controls. Just tap and hold on a control. For hands-on, real-time control you have plenty of options.

Moving presets between the desktop app and the iPad couldn't be easier with iCloud Sync, so you can continue to work on ideas you had on the go and use them in a desktop project.

With these external wiring options, Cyclop will blend in nicely with your studio hardware.

Watch Walkthrough (03:24)

Connectivity? You name it!

Getting things done in your Touchscreen Studio

Cyclop is full of open doors for a seamless integration into any mobile music-making setup. We built in support for AUv3 and were one of the first developers to implement Ableton Link.

We believe app-to-app routing, being able to use multiple apps at the same time & mixing together the audio is what many iOS musicians want. We will continue to support any effort that aims at improving the workflow of making music on an iPad.

Perfectly at home on the iPad

A sick sounding synth with attitude and programmability!

Of course, there is a lot more to describe in regard to Cyclop—It has an amazing FX sequencer, 6x2 Synthesizer engines, 10x2 Filter Engines, and the list goes on and on. But, the long and the short of it—it's a few bucks for a Sugar Bytes synth on your iPad. Buy it now!

Enjoy an incredible depth of sound design possibilities, great real-time control with the Wobble Knob and FX knob. Integrated effects sequencer, vast modulation system and the preset browser will take your inspiration to new levels.

Cyclop Downloads

Version 1.4.5


Requires iOS 12 or later
Standalone, AUv3




”When you consider how many high-profile artists are listed as sound designers, and then hearing the quality of the presets, and then looking at the price, it’s kind of a mind blower that it’s only $25.”

Ask Audio

”The original Cyclop scored in 2012, and we love it every bit as much on iPad, where it feels perfectly at home.”

computer music

”It might be priced at an almost casual purchase level, but Cyclop is far from a casual piece of software. Given the features, depth and sound, I think it represents brilliant value for money. Highly Recommended!”

Music App Blog

”There are tons of unique and fun features that you simply won't find in any other synth app. If you make Dubstep, you probably already have this and the desktop version, and if not, you should buy it just because it has a Wobble knob.”


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