Turnado for iPad

One Knob

Each effect requires only one knob to control it. Underneath this simplicity lies a matrix of effect parameters and modulation engines, all controlled by the main knob. This control matrix provides serious depth and gives you the ability to create original and truly unique effect programs.

Key Features

  • Universal MIDI Learn (Virtual, Network & External)
  • 4 XY Pads for controlling 2 parameters
  • Auria Plug-in
  • Live Modus (Inputs & Outputs selectable)
  • Audio Unit v3, Standalone
  • Soundcloud/Dropbox Export
  • MIDI Clock Sync
  • 24 new Effects

Remix Digital Audio

Re-interpret existing material

Describing Turnado as a multi-effects processor perhaps doesn't capture the essence of what it's about. You can use reverb and delay in a subtle way - but what makes it very different from a conventional multi-effects unit is the combination of effects types available and its real-time control options.

The GUI is clutter free with bright and clean graphics. Open it up, and you'll instantly understand the concept.

Turnado is rock solid and light on CPU, if you plan to use it in a live performance or, say, in a dozen instances simultaneously.

Watch Demo (00:52)

The world’s most controllable Effect

Maximum transparency with as few controls as possible

As a plug-in in the studio or on stage, Turnado will prove as a surprisingly versatile tool while its operation is cast into a bare minimum of controls.

If you’re not an octopus, the "Dictator" is probably a feature of interest: this fader provides a unique way of controlling multiple knobs with just one slide. Here you can set up for each knob, when and how much to be rotated.

Of course you can automate all controls in Turnado. Or, if you’re looking for a more natural approach, remote-control them via MIDI.

A wolf in sheep's clothing

Turnado is deep if you choose to dive deeper

When you open up one of the effects’ edit panels, you quickly begin to realise how powerful Turnado really is. With the ability to tweak five different parameters, the degree of control available is staggering.

Each of these five knobs can be tied to the main-screen knob, which is what gives them the magic! If you want some hands-off automation as well, each slot has two LFOs/step sequencers and an envelope follower that can be used to modulate. These can be assigned to any effect parameter.

Watch Demo (10:40)

Turnado Downloads

Version 1.6.7


Requires iOS 12 or later
Standalone, AUv3




”Turnado is a monster of an app – part multi-effects processor and part loop mangler – and, in short, it’s brilliant. If you produce electronic or experimental music you are going to find this very difficult to resist.”

Music App Blog

”Turnado is an amazingly powerful audio mangling tool for the iPad with a good depth of editing features and some clever I/O options.”

Ask Audio

”Turnado becomes genuinely useful in serious mobile production and sound design projects, deployed as an AudioBus Filter or Sender.”

computer music

”Turnado is immediately satisfying and crazy fun. This is only the beginning though. Beyond the easy start, you can dig way further into each of the effects to make some very cool sounds. Welcome to the modulation candy store.”

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