Turnado 1.5 Update released

Since it's launch in the last year, Turnado has been helping musicians and producers push their sound in new directions. The world renowned beat-boxer and vocalist Beardyman is among them and we've been working together with him to bring you this exciting and powerful update.

Turnado 1.5 brings you a set of brand new features that have been designed, in collaboration with Beardyman, to improve the live improvisation capabilities of Turnado on stage, and in the studio.

Furthermore, Turnado 1.5 supports the new ProTools AAX plugin interface.

More about the new features

Beardyman on the Turnado 1.5 Update
"There is quite simply nothing like Turnado on the market, so when it came to developing a multi-effects solution for the ground-breakingly complex live-looping system I've just finished building for my live shows, I was relieved to discover that Turnado was exactly what I needed to produce music live, in real time.
Turnado's control methodology and super low CPU overhead make it the only viable solution, and luckily it sounds amazing! Preset changes happen in under 2 ms, meaning one instance of Turnado can provide a world of options.
However, there were many small, subtle but important changes I needed to be made to Turnado, and fortunately the guys at Sugar Bytes were eager to enhance Turnado with my suggestions and fulfilled and elaborated on many of the features I requested.
Features have been added, existing features have been extended or enhanced and there have been some and extra modes implemented deep within the engine which all make Turnado my all-round desert-island multi-effect.

The Tonalizers can now snap to a variety of scales, and keys, quantisation parameters have been extended, the knobs can now send midi to enable Turnado-style automation-lane based morphing of any plugin in your DAW, LFO's can now be made to snap rigidly to the host's alignment, extra rhythmic subdivisions have been added to loopers and the stutter module, new delay and reverb modes have been added to enhance their usability and new sync options have been optimised in the form of extra modes.

As a true Turnado power-user, I can safely say that version 1.5 is a notable leap forward for an already world-beating plugin. If you don't have it in your arsenal then I'm guessing you simply don't own a computer.

So, in return for their invaluable input in helping me build my dream live rig, I've agreed to share some of my precious presets with you, you lucky human!"

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