New Gain Control: Each effect now offers a Gain control to determine the Effect loudness. That makes it easier to create effects that sound exactly like they should.
The LFO now has a Host Sync mode which aligns the LFO curve to the song position. Also a Rate Multiplier has been implemented to have more fun with the LFO Rate.
The Filter Pattern Effect now offers a Beardyman Mode. It provides finest filter patterns from Beardyman.
The Sweep Speed in the Filter Pattern Effect, as well as some Looper effects, have the new SyncX option which quantizes all beat divisions to their very own grid.
Two new settings have been implemented: "Activate Midi Out" forwards all control-changes to MIDI CCs, to be used with other plugins or external gear. "Turn Off Knobs On Host Stop" makes sure that all effects will go quiet, after you stopped your song.
The Tonalizer now offers a huge selection of scales. Also a Rootnote can be selected. That makes Turnado the perfect melody maker which fits into any tonal situation.
Reverb and Delay now offer filters with fixed frequencies. That makes it easier to create exactly the Reverb or Delay sound that you need.
The Guitar Amp now offers three limiters which control the loudness of your audio signal and make it absolutely 0db-proof.

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