So simple is Turnado: Drag one of the 24 effects to one of the 8 effect slots. Turn the big Effect-Knob and the effect powers up. While turning the knob further, massive modulations take place, parameters change and your sound comes to new life.
Each effect slot has an edit button. This button opens the effect Editpage. Here the Effect-Knob becomes assigned to effect and modulator parameters. The modulators are assigned here as well. Here you make your effects rock exactly as you want it, with new sounds for each position of the Effect-Knob.
The Dictator controls all 8 Effect-Knobs with just one fader. Record or draw keyframes and the ride these automations with the Dictator fader. Effect disaster guaranteed!
The incredibly flexible modulation system provides two LFO/Stepsequencers and one Envelope Follower per effect. These can be assigned to any effect parameter. The modulator parameters can be controlled with the Effect-Knob for perfect wobble filters oder changing loop sizes. Use the modulators to spice up your sounds with a little bit of mayhem!
The modulation data coming from the Effect-Knob can be sloped in many available curves. Here you can decide for each parameter, how it should react to the Effect-Knob.
Each effect includes a dry/wet control which provides many different mixing modes. Using this control you get the perfect effect mix for all situations. Modulate this control with Stepsequencer or Envelope Follwer for insane sounds!

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