Kid 606

"I really love your softwares!!! Best stuff out there for playing live.."

KID606 aka Miguel Depedro, born 1979 in Venezuela and raised in California, dropped out of school and life to make music and run around the world bringing his uniquely reckless fucked up and beautiful music to our fucked up and beautiful world (one dance party at a time). Insipired by the best of electronica, punk, jungle, hiphop, Bass, dancehall and techno, kid606 Fuses it all together with a love of POP culture that andy warhol would approve. Critically acclaimed releases (both legal and illegal) on ipecac,mille plateaux, fatcat, 555, his own tigerbeat6 label as well as remixes for artists as disparate as depeche mode, the locust, peaches, and super furry animals have painted a clear portrait of kid606 as a inspired, angry and iconoclastic artist more concerned with emotional content then popularity and unwilling to be pigeonholed in any vacant scene or soulless musical genre. Open your ears and shout along, or close your eyes and dance but always expect the unexpected.

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Kid 606
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