"There is quite simply nothing like Turnado on the market, and as a true Turnado power-user, I can safely say that Turnado is a world-beating plugin. If you don't have it in your arsenal then I'm guessing you simply don't own a computer!"

After winning the UK beatboxing championships twice in a row, Beardyman AKA Darren Foreman has gone on to carve out a career as a groundbreaking live artist, looping his voice into his self-made live-rig and improvising his way through sets which destroy dance-floors dance-tents and main-stages all over the world.
Beardyman has also won plaudits for his comedy shows in which he improvises suggestions from the crowd.
He has collaborated with the likes of FATBOY SLIM, DOORLY and FOREIGN BEGGARS, and his videos have been watched countless millions of times on youtube.
His track "Vampire skank" is out to buy on itunes, as is his debut album "i done a album" which features extensive use of sugarbytes products.

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