"Sugarbytes are the greatest! Thanxxx for your amazing virtual instruments, especially the new Thesys, the Unique and the Effectrix.
full of fun, inspirations and funny qoincidences. I really love it!"

Style: hypnotic sound research in a dancefloor context blended with avantgarde punk

clubs: japan, vagonka kaliningrad , litauen, paris, villa rouge montpelier weissrussland, aera zürich, leclub - nizza, , sonne,mond & sterne, stockholm, e-werk, tesor/globus, casino, mayday2003, sternradio,, watergate ,berlin ostgut, soundtropolis openair, melt , pulse, recombination, global village dessau,
distillery leipzig, u 63011 ffm, nostromo görlitz, velvet leipzig, achtermai-chemnitz, tankhaus staffenhagen .......

"music without gaps in between the tracks" was the reason housemeister chose to become a dj. in his early days he was accompanied by the music of the pet shop boys, 2 live crew, technotronic and klf.
by the end of 94 he got his own set of turntables and he started off mixing tapes for his friends.... but nowadays... he is busy playing sets all around the country of germany, amongst others also france, japan, russia, sweden and switzerland...he himself describes his style of music as"hypnotic sound research in a dancefloor context blended with avantgarde punk". his sets played as a dj are filled to the brim with the finest selection of techno and electro.
through his selection of music has the ability to light the spark in the clubbers mind, supplying them with full on party atmosphere in a very confident way, wich makes them wanna dance and scream for more!

Barb Morrison
Bashiri Johnson
Blank and Jones
Boys Noize
Jack D. Elliot
Jackson and his computer band
Jason Nevins
Jean Michel Jarre
Jeremy Ruzumna
John Powell
Jordan Rudess
Kid 606
Le Castle Vania
Marek Pompetzki
Matthew Herbert
Mike Huckaby
Mouse on Mars
New Judas Records
Patric Catani
Phats and Small
Richard Devine
Sigur Rós
Teddy Riley
Vernon Reid
WTF (Tommy Lee / DJ Aero)