And the Sugar goes to...

Pictures of true madness and utter lunacy have reached us, and their number is legion. Humans have cast their blackest depths in RGB, have shown us their far sides, averted from reality. Now we're left wondering if we ever really ever wanted to know all of this - and whether we may have paid a spiritual price too high, being exposed to all this mayhem and insanity..
But we're saying NO! We're shouting out YES! These Pics are great and the contest is a complete success - especially for the winners that is!

That's why we are proud to announce:

And the sugar goes to.....

1. Platz: Sugar Bundle

2. Platz: Sugar Bundle

3. Platz: Sugar Bundle

4. Platz: Artillery2

5. Platz: Unique Synthesizer

6. Platz: Effectrix

7. Platz: WOW Filterbox

8. Platz: Robotronic Vocoder

9. Platz: Vogue Channelstrip

10. Platz: Unique LE Synthesizer

Unique LE
Sugar Bundle

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Modeselektor heavily use Artillery2, WOW and Effectrix.
more artists...